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Updated Guidance for Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) in people with diabetes – click here

NEW: BLMK Antibiotics Guidance
NEW: BLMK ICB Gluten Free Foods Scheme: Participating Pharmacies
NEW: BLMK ICB Hypertension Resources
NEW: BLMK POLICY for Defining the Boundaries between NHS and Private Healthcare
NEW: Good Practice Guidance for Care Homes – Expiry Dates for Medication

Medicines management is a part of the wider medicines optimisation agenda. It is an evidence-based approach to prescribing which balances the safety, tolerability, effectiveness, cost and simplicity of treatments.

Good medicines management means that patients receive better, safer and more convenient care. It focuses on the prescribing of medicines ensuring patients get the best use from their medicines, working closely with clinicians to ensure the NHS gets the best value.

The team are also involved in the access to high-risk and high-cost medicines and working with secondary and tertiary care, mental health and community services to ensure these medicines are prescribed appropriately and safely.

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