High Cost Drugs & IFR

High Cost Drugs & IFR

High Cost Drug Commissioning and Individual Funding Requests

High Cost Drugs

High cost drugs (HCDs) are drugs excluded from the National Tariff for which the Integrated Care Board (ICB) is the responsible commissioner. For high cost drugs that are routinely commissioned by the ICB, completion of an electronic form via Blueteq is the preferred method of request. Further information on local ICB routinely commissioned policies for high cost drugs can be found on the Prescribing Information, Bulletins and Guidance and Clinical Guidelines and Pathways pages.

For Trusts who are not currently operating Blueteq, please request a paper proforma by contacting blmkicb.ifrhcd@nhs.net. Upon completion, paper proformas should be sent to the BLMK high cost drugs/commissioning team (via blmkicb.ifrhcd@nhs.net) for processing.

If an HCD request is for an indication that is not routinely commissioned and it applies to a group of patients (rather than an individual), a business case should be submitted to the ICB for consideration. Please contact the high cost drugs/commissioning team via the contact details above.

High cost drugs are normally prescribed by Trust clinicians.

For information on the arrangements for prescribing specialist drugs in primary care, please refer to our Guidance for GPs on the prescribing of specialist/high cost drugs.

To access the BLMK ICB’s Commissioning Policy on Risk Sharing / Patient Access Schemes for Medicines please click here.

To access the BLMK ICB’s Commissioning position on High Cost Drugs for 16-17 year olds, please click here.


Where a particular patient does not meet routine commissioning criteria for a high cost drug and the Trust specialist/consultant believes there is an exceptional clinical circumstance, an individual funding request (IFR) can be submitted to the ICB for consideration.  Please contact the IFR team via blmkicb.ifr@nhs.net for an application form and information on the application process. Further information on Individual Funding Requests may be found here.

For information on non-drug related requests, please click here to access the BLMK ICB Evidence Based Intervention Policies Website.


For queries or requests relating to insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring, or other diabetes technologies, please contact blmkicb.cgm.blmk@nhs.net.  Paper proformas are available via this email address on request.


If the papers you require are not here, please contact the Medicines Management Team:

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